Our Adventure Begins...

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

One crazy cold afternoon, I had this idea of selling all our possessions and moving to Mexico. This had always been a dream of mine, but never quite imagined it was possible with two children and a dog. Until the day happened...

In 2019, my husband and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. We, like many other families, had experienced many losses, tragedies, traumas and life difficulties, more than one should ever experience. Beginning to get frustrated in our every day life, I knew our family needed a change. Continuing to have challenges arise, we finally took the plunge. I realized that if I continued to dream and not take action, nothing would ever change. 

I filtered through past memories and it came certain that travelling and experiences was what brought excitement and memorable joy to our family. Our 3 bedroom house filled with un-pleasurable consumables, was no longer what I desired. So we did it! We literally sold all  our possessions we owned, except for 11 suitcases filled, that we fit in our Dodge Caravan. Many friends and family thought we had reached the new level insanity, but surprisingly they were all supportive. 

Becoming minimalist and living freely didn't come easy, there were lots of shedded tears, mixed emotions and doubts. We were on a extreme budget and had absouletly no clue what we were getting ourselves into. All I knew, is I had visualized our family sitting on a beach watching endless sunsets, while having the occasional "cerveza" (aka beer in English) and knowing our children were becoming natural adventurers. 

Freely Adventure came alive many years ago, though it was only founded recently, it was spiritually embed in me. Today I share with you our journey and hope to inspire ambitious globetrotters to embark on your own adventures, like our family. 

I welcome you to follow our Facebook page and our trip advisor account, @FreelyAdventure, for our travel reviews, road-tripping advice, tips on travelling with children, budget adventures, minimalist living, homeschooling while travelling and other exciting adventures. We will share our photos, videos and all our experiences along the way. Freely Adventure is not only about travelling, but adventuring, going on hikes, visiting museums, historical landmarks, making memories and more. Just in 2019, we've driven over 40,000km in 3 different countries...so we have lots to share!

Stay tuned! 

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