Strolling through Canada's First Railway Tunnel

For those who don't know me yet, I'm quite the resourceful adventurer. Always looking for things to do and see, with my children, that have a low cost or even better "Free". After our 14,000km EPIC Road-Trip across Canada, we were blessed to see some great things.

Brockville Railway Tunnel, located in the little historical town of Brockville. The tunnel was build between 1854-1860's and holds a great deal of history. We enjoyed doing our homeschool project in learning about the tunnel.

If you are traveling from Toronto to Ottawa, Brockville is on the way, with a 10 minute drive off the highway.

The tunnel itself was spectacular, everything from the underground experience, the lights, the history plaques and the walk were all quite enjoyable. Both my children (5&7) absolutely loved the experience. It was definitely a big hit and we will do it again someday soon.

Things to know beforehand:

  • Allow yourself about 20-40 minutes to walk the tunnel, the program length is 90 minutes, so you could visit longer

  • Parking is available in the town with a quick walk to the tunnel

  • Dress a little warmer as the temperature is about 10-15 degrees cooler (a sweater or light jacket will be fine)

  • There is no cost to visit the tunnel, however, there goal is to keep the tunnel free of cost by generous donations, donation box is located at the start of the tunnel

  • There hours of operations is from 9am to 9pm, 7 days a week, they are closed for the season in mid October and open early spring. I suggest visiting there website for the exact dates

  • Alongside the tunnel, there is a beautiful waterfront to see and great place to have a picnic

We printed out the information guide, which my children loved reading the history and following along the map.

The tunnel is about 3.5 hours East of Toronto and 1.5 hours South of Ottawa.

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