A definite must do in Puerto Vallarta...releasing baby turtles.

Adventuring gives you many opportunities to experience new things. A big reason why we decided to homeschool, was to have the freedom to travel and for the kids to learn through hands on learning. Turtle releasing was a very fun, educational experience to do with the kids, a once and a lifetime opportunity. (Well for us twice haha...it was that much fun.) Even if you don't have children, this is super cool to do.  

If you're travelling through Puerto Vallarta (PV), during turtle high season, I highly recommend taking the time to participate in the turtle releasing. The Sea Turtle Camp, is located in the heart of PV near the airport. Click on the link above and message the coordinators for their address. You are able to drive to the entrance of the beach and walk to the camp, there is parking along side the road. It takes about 10-15 minutes to walk to the camp.

The camp volunteers give a brief presentation about the Olive Ridley sea turtles, explaining the life cycle, how they found the eggs, protection of the eggs, talk about the predators, where your donations go and much much more. #homeschoolfieldtrip #educational

The kids were able to name and bless their turtles before releasing them. It was such a pleasure seeing my children so happy and emerged in an incredible experience.

Things to know before going:

  • Please don't wear any type of perfumes, lotions or anything with a fragrance, as they are harmful to the babies

  • Be sure to check the Facebook group to verify release times, as they don't always have babies ready

  • There is no set cost; however donations for participating will be collected and they have souvenirs for purchase after the event

  • All releases are done at sunset

  • Most importantly, don't forget your camera, take lots of pictures and enjoy the whole experience

Here are some pictures of our releases..we do hope you're able to experience this.

Please share your pictures with us on facebook, we would love to hear all about your adventures.

Until next time...Adios!

These pictures were taken at the Sea Turtle Camp, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 2019

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